MIST at Ventnor Fringe Festival

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Ventnor Fringe setting

A few of the films screened on Saturday evening 17th August underneath the arches on the promenade, opposite the observatory, as part of Ventnor Fringe Festival.

Cypher Audio‘s ‘Mother Please!’ 

Jordan Royl's mother_please

André Chocron‘s music video for “Separation Blues” by Real Ones

Ventnor Fringe_separation_3

We Were Monkeys  ‘Of Monsters and Men’ – Little Talks

Ventnor Fringe_monkeys_2

Jo Apps  Fake Blood ‘I Think I Like It’

Ventnor Fringe_fake_blood_2

Adam Wells‘ ‘The Circle Line’

Ventnor Fringe_circle_line_2

Antilop 3D video mapping

Ventnor Fringe_Antilop_2

We Have Band ‘You Came Out’

Ventnor Fringe_we_have_band

David Wilson‘s ‘Let Go’ by The Japanese Popstars featuring Green Velvet on vocals

Ventnor Fringe_lets_go_1

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