Short film fest @ The Piano Cafe

This was a limited ticket two day short film festival which made over £300 for the Joe Ellis Trust

Saturday evening session 1

1 Jeff Desom Hauschka – the key

2 Raphael Rogers Beyond

3 Joost de Jong Gracht

4 Mikey Please The Eagleman Stag

5 Adam Wells Brave new old

6 David Lewandowski Late for a meeting

7 Gina Niespodziani Pas de Trois

8 Paul Windridge Up in the clouds

Saturday evening session 2

1 Wasaru
Le peuple de l‘herbe parler le fracas

2 Kogonda and Wes Anderson’s Centered


5 Alessandro Amaducci I am your database

6 Fabrice Mathieu Memorium

7 Paul Windridge SQUARES

8 Laurent (focusmatic) Perret Weird-o-rama

9 Thibaut Duverneix Locomotive

10 Wildlife You only live twice by Nancy Sinatra

Sunday evening session 1

1 Filip Sterckx Video for Willow’s Sweater

2 Gergely Wootsch Ordæmonium

3 Alexander Lehmann Exodus

4 NOMINT The Holy Chicken of Life & Music

5 Sean Pecknold Like A Lunatic

6 Paul Windridge with words by Geoff Francis six windows

7&8 MK12 “The Long Road” and “Embryo”

9 Ben Tricklebank Light Echoes

10 Brent Bonacorso West of the Moon

Sunday evening session 2

1 Riff Raff DJ Fresh Feet and Ms Dynamite

2 Malek Rizkallah CRUSH

3 Isaiah Seret Devendra Banhart “Für Hildegard von Bingen”

4 Paul Windridge The edge of the sea

5 Jorge Enrique Ponce Ice-Cream & Whiskey

6 David Lewandowski Late for a meeting

7 Stephan Ziotescu H1 True Skin

8 Rino Stefano Tagliafierro Rockers by Orax

9 Stefania Rota Cinezoique

10 APOTROPIA Single # Double # Triple

Pictures from the night can be seen here: MIST MOVING IMAGE on facebook