MIST at Quay Arts

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another time 2

To celebrate the start of their Autumn season at Quay Arts MIST played two 30 minute sessions which included these films:

Czarek Kwasny “Shake Ya Boogie”

Czarek Kwasny

WeWereMonkeys “Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men

We were Monkeys 2

Lafkon Publishing “Summer of the Sixties”


Satsangi “Baby Doll”

Baby Doll 3

Cyriak Harris ‘We Got More’ 

Cyriak 2

Jessica Frech “People of Walmart 3


Schnellebuntebilder “Bagatelle I”


Kim Holm “Where dream and day collide” by Madder Mortem 

Kim Holm

Royale Howlin’ Wolf’s “Evil”  

Howlin Wolf

Fred Aujas “P’tit kawa” by Karimouche

Fred Aujas

Giovanni Bucci and Paola Rocchetti “Addictions’”


Claudio Sichel “The Man who was forever haunted by his head” by Doppler Shift 

Claudio Sichel3

Paul Windridge “another time another place”

another time

Alexey Terehoff  “Lights” 

Alexey Terrehoff

18bis “Balacobaco – Dream 2”


Red Tape Pictures “Lorelei”

Red Tape 2

Jo Apps “Fake Blood – I Think I Like It”

Jo Apps

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